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send the word ‘truth’ along with a question and my character has to answer it honestly. 




     Suddenly Arvo stops walking, leaning against the nearest tree for a break. He couldn’t walk very long or far with his bad leg. A deep exhale leaves his lips — eyes slipped closed for a moment.

     ”Hold on…I need rest…”

He acknowledges the other, brow furrowed. He had to admit to himself that the group     had been treating him rather unfairly. The boy was just another stranger and seemingly   harmless at first glance.

"Uh, sure… Are y’ okay?"



( justnotbuiltlikethat. )


          [ she was quick to wraps arms around
            his torso; her sobbing tainting his shirt
            a darker shade patch. ]


 { and he’s quick to cling to her, uttering reassurances all the while.   

        he speaks in a defeated, hoarse tone. }

"It’s… ‘S over. We’re okay, Nana."



god this fucking person

another vine i’m going to accidentally watch 100 times 




                          w a i t

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xisterus whispered:

"'What did you just call me?'"

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"Captain Obvious."